It was just about dusk on Windy Walk court,
When all by themselves without an escort,
Kat and Linc left, without any fright,
For some fun Trick-or-Treating that Halloween night.


Kat clicked on her flashlight as they walked down the drive.
She said, “This is so cool!” and gave Linc a high five.
“Now, I promised Mom we’d be back in two shakes.
And she said we could go as far as the Drake’s!”


Kat rang the bell next door at the Schmingle’s.
Linc sat at attention when the spooky chimes jingled.
The door crept open and Ms. Schmingle came near.
She smiled and said, “Now, what have we here?”


“Why, it’s two little mice. Have you come for some cheese?
All I have is this candy.” Linc barked, “Yes, please!”
Kat giggled and wiggled her pink mousy nose
While Linc did a trick and stood on his back toes.
Mrs. S. filled their bags with chocolate and gum,
And reminded them both to be safe and have fun.


Linc and Kat bounced with their bags full of sweets,
Heading next door for more sugary treats.
“Oh no!” thought Linc, as he looked up ahead,
“It’s Macy and Mack, her fancy purebred.”


Kat whispered to Linc, “That’s Macy Dade,
The prettiest girl in all of 5th grade.”
“And see her dog, Mack. He’s won Best in Show
At the ‘Mr. Woof’ contest, three years in a row.”
“Isn’t she perfect?” Kat said to her pup.
“I’ll be just like Macy when I’m all grown up.”


Kat waved ‘hello’, as the pair walked up close.
“Hi Macy!” she said, patting Mack on the nose.
“Little Katy Von Wild,” Macy snapped with a stare.
“Did your mommy do that…or do you cut your own hair?”
Macy’s entourage giggled and they walked away smug,
Except Mack, who paused to kick mud on Linc’s mug.


“That was so mean!” Linc thought as he sat,
Shaking mud from his snout, “That dog is a brat!”
Then Linc looked at Kat with big tears in her eyes.
And he knew Macy Dade was not very nice.


He licked Kat’s small cheek and she gave him a pet.
They hugged for a minute and she fixed her barrette.
“Linc,” Kat whispered, as she wiped his eyes clean,
“I won’t be like Macy. She’s a little bit mean!”
“C’mon!” Kat smiled with her flashlight on bright.
“We won’t let a bully ruin our night.”


Linc danced for the Greens. Kat sang for the Parrs.
And Mr. Tawilliger shared big candy bars.
“C’mon on pup-pup-pup, I can see the Drake’s house.
It was Jen Drake’s idea to dress like a mouse.”


They stopped at the crosswalk, looking left and then right.
When from behind, Macy gave them a fright!
“BOO!” hissed Macy. “Awe, Kat’s gonna cry?”
“Are you a mouse or a baby?” And tears filled Kat’s eyes.
Linc held himself close to his sweet little lady
While the entourage chanted, “Kat’s a big baby!”

Kat started to run back down Windy Walk Court
When she tripped on the ladder to Dillon’s tree fort.
She stumbled, then slid, and scraped her left knee.
And she landed, like Superman, by the Clark’s big oak tree.


Up in the air went her bag full of treats,
Which spilled as it flew, landing splat in the street.
Linc ran to Kat and licked her scraped knee.
Then Mack strutted over and started to pee.
He piddled on Linc, all over his sweater,
The one that Kat made that says, ‘I Heart Cheddar.’


Macy Dade snickered and chirped at her crew,
“Let’s go girls, I’m bored. We have better to do.”
And with a twist of her shoe she stepped in the street,
Smushing all of Kat’s goodies to goo with her feet.


As the group walked away, Suzie L. was quite sad,
She knew they’d been mean and she felt really bad.
So she snuck out her phone and texted Kat’s sis.
“Zee, Kat needs you, please get to her quick!
She’s sitting alone by the Clark’s big oak tree.
I think she fell down and scraped up her knee."


Zee found her sis, sitting there all a mess,
With an awfully big tear in her little mouse dress.
Kat’s eyes were red and her knee was all bloody.
Linc smelled like pee and his face was all muddy.


Zee and her pals gathered ‘round the poor pair
And heard the whole story from fun to despair.
Zee hugged small Kat and said, “I get it, I do!
Bullies are hard. I’ve been there too."
“Yep!” said Ella. “Me too” Jani sighed.
“I’m so sorry,” said Zee “But you can’t run and hide!”


“Bullies will hurt you and make you feel bad.
They’ll tease and insult you until you feel sad.
Maybe they’ll laugh at you in the school hall
Or call you mean names for no reason at all.
They might put you down or hide your school stuff.
There’s no doubt about it, bullies are rough!”


“The best thing to do is BE WHO YOU ARE.
Shine your bright light and know you’re a star.
Then ask yourself why that bully should care
If you’re skinny or smart or have fabulous hair?
Why should it matter to anyone else?
You’re you, and you’re awesome, when you are yourself!


“Do you know what matters most anyway?
I promise, it’s nothing a bully would say!
What matters most are the pieces you share,
Of your wonderful heart, that show people you care!”


Zee hugged her sis then helped her stand up.
And the girls shared their candy with Kat and her pup.
“Trick or Treat with us, Kat!” Ella invited.
Kat jumped and giggled, feeling very excited.
“What a great Halloween this has turned out to be,
Trick or Treating with Linc, Ella, Jani and Zee!”


If you have been bullied then remember this well,

Don’t hold it inside, find someone and tell.
Get some support and know that you’re grand
And always lend others a sweet helping hand!